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Parasite Lost

Mihi crede et mecum in aeternitate vivebis


I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of vierasesine, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am - a God!


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Dislikes:93: censorship, allergies, animal cruelty, antonio banderas, anxiety, attention whores, backstabbers, beer, being ignored, being pressured, being sick, bible bashers, boredom, bright sunlight, censorship, chapped lips, cheaters, clowns, cockroaches, country music, crappy translations, david caruso, dishonesty, doing housework, double standards, drunken muggles, forgetting things, fred durst, furries, george w. bush, gilderoy lockhart, headaches, homophobia, humidity, hypocrisy, idiocy, jackass, john doggett, justin timberlake, lj tempting me not to study, making my bed, mimes, mislabeled downloads on p2p programmes, misogyny, money-obsessed people, mould, narrow-mindedness, nelonen not showing passions, noisy neighbours, onions, patriotism, people who are proud of never having read a book, people who cannot admit not liking or even knowing a band/movie/book in fear of losing stature/getting laughed at, people who cannot comprehend not having a need to get drunk, people who ignore accent marks during pronunciation, people who oppose sex education, people who press the stop button way too early on a bus, people who talk during movies, pink, pizza, poor grammar, poor spelling, pop-up ads, posers, potatoes, power outages, professional wrestling, racism, salatut elämät, sexual frustration, shoulder pads, slow computers, small spiders, snoring, spam, spoilers, sports, stalkers, tan, teenyboppers, telemarketers, tom cruise, tom green, vomiting, waiting, waking up early, wannabes, willful ignorance, witch hunts, x-bar syntax, yellow, über-happy people
absinthe, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, american mcgee's alice, anime, anne rice, anthony perkins, art, bast, beauty, being john malkovich, bill & ted, billy idol, black, black humour, blixa bargeld, blueberries, boots, brave new world, bubonic plague, buffy the vampire slayer, butlers, castles, cats, cemeteries, cephalopods, chocolate, christopher walken, classical antiquity, classical music, conspiracy theories, corsets, cryonics, cybernetics, dancing, danny elfman, david duchovny, decadence, der kleine vampir, dionysos, djing, doctor who, documentaries, douglas adams, dr. brain, dr. snuggles, dracula, drowned god, drusilla, eddie izzard, egl, einstürzende neubauten, elisa di rivombrosa, english, eyes, fear and loathing, geocaching, gerard butler, german, gormenghast, goth, h.p. lovecraft, harry potter, hellsing, history of medicine, horror comics, horror movies, hot chocolate, hugh jackman, hugo weaving, industrial, jack the ripper, jan svankmajer's alice, johnny depp, ju-on, kuolleet intiaanit, kuroshitsuji, laibach, late 1800's, lexx, lollipops, lumous, mermaids, mike patton, monty python, moulin rouge, mulder, mythology, nick cave, nightmare before christmas, nights, paganism, paleness, paranoia, paranormal, parc güell, philosophy, poetry, professor snape, psychology, purple, rammstein live, re-animator, reading, regency neckcloths, religion, repo the genetic opera, resistentialism, roald dahl, rob zombie, royston vasey, salmiakki, sarcasm, saying dude, scary bitches, sci-fi, secret gardens, serial killers, shakespeare, spike, star wars, stargate sg-1, surrealism, suruaika, sushi, swing, the addams family, the birthday party, the fast show, the lone gunmen, the white stripes, the x-files, tim burton, travelling, trent reznor, true blood, truth, ultravox, uniforms, vampires, video games, vorenus/pullo, werner holmberg, world domination, writing, xena warrior princess, young dracula, yunho